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PinCandies Marketplace is an enterprise level multi-vendor platform capable of hosting thousands of sub-vendor shops effortlessly. Our checkout system is unique in the way that each vendor(s) will receive their funds directly from any given customer order via PayPal. Online shops in our marketplace are only available to our partners and brand ambassadors.

Our team of photographers are at the top of their respective industries.  Professionalism, digital editing mastery and impressive portfolios are what sets them apart from most of their peers. We are also the sponsor of premier photography expedition events.

As our company name PinCandies suggests, we specialize in printing pinups of various genres. We offer a selection of different sizes, as well as option for branded or unbranded prints. We use only the highest quality glossy paper stock, along with our industry leading digital printing machines. We offer a cutting-edge web to print platform for design submission.

BitCandies is based on a sophisticated cloud network platform capable of launching new websites in minutes with our advanced building blocks engine. Websites are hosted and managed in a cluster which significantly lowers operating costs, in turn PinCandies will pass these savings onto our users. We have a variety of launch ready layouts, and we offer custom designed websites as well.

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